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PROFILE PT Dayapertiwi Mukti
Micro Finance
Is the fact that there are thousands of entrepreneurs with the potential to grow but lack the ability to cross the barrier that separates the world of informal and formal economy. They have potential, but the existing system does not allow them to grow. The question that arises is: "Why are so many small businesses can not afford and so neglected that was rejected by the formal system - and why the formal system cannot and so are not sensitive to notice the potential of these people?".

The answer is easy! Many small businesses do not know anything about the needs of bankers, and vice versa, many bankers not know about the world of entrepreneurship. So, how do we enable both parties to communicate and can occur mutual understanding of each other.

The people need to understand the finances of the tips on starting or running a business. What are the difficulties in daily lifei? What steps are required to survive and succeed in a less friendly environment? How to communicate with my clients? How can I confirm that I have chosen clients who not only reliable but also prospective? How to assess good business ideas for the potential of business success?

On the part of entrepreneurs, we found a total abandonment of many professional topics, such as, production capacity has been mixed, stir in sales volume, market entry strategy is always synonymous with high-quality products, low prices, market opportunities interpreted over estimates, calculated the financial feasibility and included as a gift, sale mistaken as income, pre-operating costs are not taken into account, salaries and overhead not counted properly.

Alternative Financing through the establishment of microfinance institutions are so far seems to be very effective in addressing the problem of financing the small and medium entrepreneurs in the business to survive and develop their business. We are experienced in implementing training and microfinance institutions, and have long experience in managing microfinance institutions directly more than 20 years.

The success of credit programs, among others, namely:

  1. The existence of capacity to serve the credit program for micro and small entrepreneurs who are not able to borrow from the modern sector;
  2. Credit has developed a positive impact on income and employment;
  3. Programs that can sustain and maintain the achievement of loan repayment rate is high enough and on time;
  4. That the loan interest and service costs, developed a credit program should be comparable with the level and competitive imposed on the market; and
  5. The program must have the capacity to achieve the development of the population of customers.
We provide training and consulting services of Micro Finance and run this program in serving the community of micro and small entrepreneurs. 
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