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PROFILE PT Dayapertiwi Mukti
Various programs and projects have been conducted since 1983 by an experienced team in cooperation with international institutions, governments, national and private banking. During our 20 years active in Community Economic Development (Community Based Economy Development) and the Services and Development of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Various sectors which we have handled so far is the water supply for irrigation and drinking water, housing, development of self-help groups with business, agriculture (organic, land rehabilitation, community forests, etc..), Livestock and crafts, hands, etc.. Activities are already being implemented and covers an area of Java to eastern Indonesia.

The field of micro enterprises, small and medium enterprises is an important sector in Indonesia in the context of people`s economy and become our priority.

Community Based Economy Development (CBED)

Approach of Community-Based Economy Development (CBED) is the initial development phase focused on the economic society conducted in rural areas through the formation of SHGs (self-help groups). In areas with low development level, the group is regarded as an appropriate mediator for the introduction of change. Intensive training and increased awareness allows the group to analyze their situation, to detect weaknesses and potential of their own and establish measures for improvement. Technical training courses increase their skills. The group was then followed up intensively; progress and constraints regularly monitored and corrective measures are identified. Other parties (government services, universities, private sector, etc.) that are relevant involved in this process.
PTDM also encouraged the establishment of Cooperatives and the Association, particularly for target groups under the guidance of PTDM. This service involves training in managing micro / Cooperatives / Associations and consultation in organizational work plans and other facilities.

Follow measures Post-training

Includes the following main activities:
  • Implementation technical courses and management improvements;
  • Guidance, monitoring, and field consultancy for entrepreneurs;
  • Development of a "clearinghouse"function that connects small-scale enterprises with other actors who can effectively provide the services needed by entrepreneurs;
  • The sustainable level lobbying the policy makers to create policies that condusice environmet for small businesses;
  • Fasilitating regular field visits, and courses for upgrading mi club members / associations;
  • Establish monitoring systems are inherent to follow up the quality of project performance, both in the level of the entrepreneurs and staff in the level of the program.
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