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PROFILE PT Dayapertiwi Mukti
Portfolio & Project Management
The projects is a piece-time of a development effort. While the projects it is not the only one possible form in a form of development cooperation - a structural adjustment loan (loans) generally is a good example - usually a common instrument to support small businesses.
The available funds for development aid now includes several areas and approaches methodology: small activities; projects; number of specific funding; support sector programs; support capacity development; technical assistance, funding support, etc.

Most organizations entrusted supervision and management of the diverse portfolio of interventions on the desk officers, the program officer or task managers. Portfolio and project management cycle requires a set of skills, both technical and communication skills to ensure portfolio management for effective and efficient results. Project cycle management covers all aspects of this.

For technical cooperation projects or development, project cycle typically includes a few things we offer in training:
  • Identification
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Project Document Preparation and setting up Logical Framework
  • Approval
  • Implementation and Monitoring
  • Evaluation

  • Business Management:

    1. Leadership
    2. Negotiation Skill
    3. Effective Supervisory Skill for Manager
    4. Persuasive Selling
    5. Managing People Performance
    6. Salesmanship & Customer Service Excellence
    7. Effective Marketing Management
    8. Managing with Total Quality Management (TQM), Seven Steps To develop programs, effective TQM
    9. Performance Management
    10. Practical Service Excellence
    11. Human Resources Management
    12. Export Procedures

  • Finance, Banking and Micro Credit:

    1. Basic Collection
    2. Basic Trade Service (Letter of Credit)
    3. Branch Operation
    4. Credit Micro Sales
    5. Credit Recovery
    6. Credit Syndicated
    7. Basic of Auditing
    8. Elementary Credit
    9. Intermediate Credit
    10. Management of Operational Risks
    11. Analyses of Finance Report
    12. Asset Liability Management
    13. Liquidity Management
    14. Training for Micro Credit Manager
    15. Accountancy Standard of PSAK 50 and 55
    16. Effective Marketing Management
    17. Effective & Productive Secretary

  • Good Governance

  • Risks Management

  • Personal Management

  • Spotlight Global Warming-Development Connection

Training on how to integrate climate change issue in development or business practices.

  • Training of Trainers

    1. Extension Field (field staff) in the implementation of the project or program development
    2. Community Development Trainers
    3. Trainers for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

  • Facility Clearing House

    1. Relationships with financial institutions or government agencies and other relevant private sector for better support program for entrepreneurs
    2. The participants will make a proposal in the actual business projects that will be applied after training
    3. Submission of the concepts of entrepreneurship through action learning and experience
    4. Follow-up service to the alumni (consulting, monitoring, production of technical training, etc..)
    5. Provision of business information services and connecting with agencies / other companies as well as the development of cooperation with overseas businesses / buyers
    6. Assessment in Conflict Areas for enterprises/ investors
    7. Mediator conflict resolutions
    8. Peace Negotiators
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