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PROFILE PT Dayapertiwi Mukti
Investment Consultant
We have responsibility to serve the domestic and especially foreign community/ investors. Our aim is to provide total satisfaction and legal protection to the client's rights.

We provide our assistant to investors with their long-term investment planning, assistance to in-depth work on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them fulfil their needs and goals. We professionally assist to actively monitor the client's  investments and continue to work with the client as goals change over time. Assists in plans personal finance strategies or serves as a money manager and supervisory management.

We help our clients determine the asset allocation that will enable them to reach their investment goals, whether by making fund can meet its payout obligations or maximizing the wealth to be invested. If needed, in the process we recommend the client's money should be directed to alternative investments.

We develop liability plans and profiles that enable us to recommend an acceptable investment policy for our clients.

We establishing the appropriate allocation of funds across different asset classes, we help our clients implement their plan by identifying the fund managers who are most likely to meet the goals that have been established with the least overhead costs. We monitor how the funds recommended implemented. 
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