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PROFILE PT Dayapertiwi Mukti
Multi Consultant

1. Facilities of Consulting, Research & Business Management Training

2. Business development programs (micro, small, medium and large)

made through training and follow-up service (after training) with the handling by a team of professional consultants who have mastered models of entrepreneurial development.
Our team of consultants experienced in implementing training programs and services in some provinces / places. This program is a innovative training program for entrepreneurs who have
  • investment ability and
  • Entrepreneurship Interests. Services in terms of doing research and guiding the development of business planning.
  • We are also experienced in to involve actively the role of local community around the mining or industrial areas to be able to take advantage of existing economic opportunities, and training for company staff industrial/ mining.

3. Research and planning in development: Organizational Development

  • Organizational Development,
  • Monitoring, evaluation and consultancy in the field of socio-economic, environmental, urban and rural as well as various Development Projects;
  • business feasibility studies and business establishment (of the feasibility study stage of the business, planning, until to help prepare a business establishment),
  • Small & Medium Enterprises Development (SMED),
  • Researches in the fields of social, political, security and analysis of country risks in project planning.

4. Organizing training courses, workshops and seminars

with a tailor made design to suit the needs and characteristics of participants in various fields.
  • Co-operative Business Management

  • Small Business Creation and Development:

  1. Self Potential Identification and Visioning
  2. Business Mathematics
  3. Personal Goal Setting
  4. Art of Negotiation
  5. Entrepreneurial strategies
  6. Business Strategic Response Exercise (SRE)
  7. Visioning in Business
  8. Personal Management in Business
  9. Competencies Wrap-Up in Business
  10. Matching Person with Project
  11. SWOT Analysis in Business
  12. Pre-Feasibility Awareness
  13. Business Plan
  14. Creation of Enterprises and Formation of Entrepreneurs
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