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 Mr. Made Dharsana Polak
Indonesia faces immediate economic and political difficulties. Over the longer-term, however, poverty reduction will continue to be the most important challenge facing the country. All other reform effortsódecentralization, civil service reform, bank restructuring, debt management, education, and even moves toward political liberalizationówill, and should be, judged by the extent to which they contribute to raising the standard of living of all Indonesians, especially the poorest.

Political and economic space should be enhanced for civil society groups and other actors to improve the existing situation and work towards a more egalitarian and democratic society. It is sure that this process will be tedious and takes a lot of time and might even fail to a major extent. In this regard it is also important to mention the decentralization process which leads to an increased autonomy for the regions. This was, among others, very eminent during the preparation of our programs where local government structures are eager to fully use their bigger autonomy to increase the welfare of the people. However, these local government structures often lack the competence to effectively deal with the challenges. This is where other actors as our organization can come in and can play a significant role.

Development in the empowerment of the poor in the aspects of community development, economy and environment is one important aspect which became focus of our attention.

In the field of business or SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) development; as can be seen from the nature of a company, entrepreneurs function can be divided into various fields of activities, such as benefits related to profits and new combinations; evaluation of the benefits contained; technology, planning, and construction of production; efforts to seek - find and exploit opportunities, educational and managing human resources; negotiations with the government or related institutions, negotiations with suppliers and customers.

Undeniable facts, that hal of beginners of the business will fail before they reach a mature phase. The first dangerous phase of the beginning, when the planning effort so poorly organized a total failure. Risk of business failure is high during the first 6 months, became very high in the next 12 months, and still high (but declining) for the next than 12 months. However, the entrepreneurs who undergo training courses in starting a business or obtain information and quality advice to reduce the risk significantly, showing a survival record so much better.

From the observation of the sample in Indonesia found as much as 10-12 percent of businesses fail within the first six months, and 30 percent not to end the first year. In fact, this amount will be much more because many businesses are not registered. However, the entrepreneurs who take a courses in `business management` or who obtain qualified advice and consultation, are capable of cutting or aside the risk of this dangerous, and has shown positive evidence that very significant in their business survival. Therefore, external qualified support, which made some of professional NGOs, Cooperatives, Government, and other key actors, proved very useful in maintaining these businesses.

As a company that specializes in development, business investment, training and consulting, we are your experienced partner, professional and applying transparency in management.
We have also responsibility to serve the domestic and especially foreign community/ investors. Our aim is to provide total satisfaction and legal protection to the client`s rights.

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